Chapter 13

When you think of a good nose this one really stands out, 
Jimmy Durante was such a wonderful character to grow up with.


Until I have time to update this section properly there have been several people who have asked about our front hatch, it's hinges and if they could have copies of the drawings. Yes to all the above but with the usual cautions, our plane is a custom built plane, as yours is, so what works and fits ours may not necessarily fit yours.
When the chapter is actually written this section will be moved more appropriately to the Canopy/Turtleback section.
If you are curious, the depression in he center of the hatch is for the two GPS antennas for the EFIS/One and the EFIS/Sport.

The key to "C" or "J" hinges is, room permitting, to have the hinge point as close to the upper surface as possible and further away from the opening edge. The object is to have a greater vertical component than forward component to the travel. I suggest doing a paper layout and trying whatever you come up with.

Click for a larger image

When you have hinges you are sure that will work for you, we strongly suggest you bond them in place before cutting out the door. Ours are bonded to both the inner and outer skins.

AutoCAD DWG file click and "save as" to download