Epoxy cabinet
This was fun. Requirements were 100-110
o, easy to use, easy to refill, store extra resin and hardener.

The result was this 2" pink foam and plywood box. The pump is foot operated. The box is heated with two "Goldenrod"s. I was concerned about the long term exposure of the raw resin and hardener to a bright light bulb. I had several of the goldenrods left over from my yachting days where we used them to control mildew. On warm days one goldenrod is good enough. 
We also had a huge dial thermometer for boilers so we put a hole through the top of the box and turned it towards the window from the house into the garage. This is not shown here. Now we can see garage temp, epoxy temp, and tent temp all from the inside of the house.

"This is an arts and crafts thing"