This is where the "GIRRRL" thing comes from:
When a girl drives a car like this, guys just assume "it's her boyfriend's/husbands" or worse "the b!t<# probably took it from him in the divorce" so to dispel that kind of thinking a proper license plate was in order. She put out the idea to all of her girl friends and some of the ideas that came back ranged from cute to nasty

Randi is the taskmaster, financier, does the glass lay-ups, sanding and is the day to day driving force that keeps me on track. Keeping me on track is somewhere between herding kittens and nailing jelly to a tree.
Randi wants this plane to be the fastest and prettiest plane out there 





Psssst !.....Hey guys, want to see a cheesecake shot of Randi?

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