Our Rogue's Gallery of friends
who have dropped in
to see what we are up to

Hey, guess who stopped by for a ride in our Cozy? (unfortunately its not finished yet)

Amy and Drew came by, they are the proud owners of a fuselage tub
and excited about moving on!

Then Dennis Purduski was passing through town, maybe he will modify his Vari-Eze?
Actually we don't have a real Cozy, this is just a mockup in our garage
and we have a tripod set up for taking pictures of friends who drop by =)

Nancy and Remi Khu from Kansas City! Another pair of Cozy Girrrls Strakes converts.

The best part of building a Cozy is the other builders. They are "only" 3 1/2 hrs away so we hope to see more of them.

Actually they stopped by to pick up parts which still were not ready (a few days early)

April 20, 05
The nicest people drop by when you are building a Cozy...

Jeff Russell of AeroCAD fame wearing that Cozy Girrrl StrakesTM smile, and guess who he brought along with him?

Yes, that's Al Aldrich; the new owner of AeroCAD. Jeff was up our way working with Al and his crew on molding techniques for Aerocanard and Cozy parts.
For those of you who don't know him, Al used to work over at that little airplane company, Boeing in St. Louis, owns an FBO, fly's a Long-Ez and is also a helo pilot, so this should be a good fit for him. Anyway, it will be nice to see Jeff up here while he's lending a hand.

We've also had several visitors, recently Jerry and Debby Schneider:

Jerry loved the strakes but was hesitant to make the mod, "climb on in and try it out".. he did and he was hooked, now Jerry has to convince Debby.

..and Nick Ugolini is also wearing that Cozy Girrrl StrakesTM smile as well.