Canard Aircraft Flight Simulators

While you build you've got to feed the fantasy. Flight simulator choices come down to two software products; Microsoft Flight Simm and X-Plane. Both are excellent within their realm and we strongly recommend both.

Microsoft Flight Simm -"MSFS" :

MSFS is a valuable tool, especially for those who are working on attaining their pilots license or are about to start. If you fly the Cessna 172 and practice good habits rather than "playing" with the simm as a game, you will reinforce your training. It is good for practicing your navigation skills, instrument scan and general awareness of your training area.
The scenery, weather and planes are well modeled but the planes fly based on software models and not on true aerodynamics. This is neither bad nor good, the planes fly rather well. The graphics are rich and you get a great environmental look and feel.

Canard aircraft for MSFS

X-Plane :

X-plane... I always think of Ricky Ricardo in his Cuban accent telling Lucy to EXPLAIN herself.. "Splain Lucy!?"
X-plane is an excellent simulator in that it is an extension of a true aerodynamic aircraft modeler. It is also growing up fast; before people were willing to put up with poor terrain and some other graphic compromises but Version 8 is unbelievable! And this program is a bargain. Also included is an editor for your aircraft, add your own color scheme, retracts, change props, redrive ratios, all works!

Canard aircraft for XP

Todd Parker did a nice job on this Cozy Mk-IV variant with a Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/Lite in the panel

Comm 1 Radio Communications simulator:

Hardware for flying your simulator

Believe it or not, the multiscreen simm at the top of the page is MSFS. MSFS is capable of generating multiple screen views of the same flight, only your computer is not, at least not without penalties. To run a multiscreen system like shown you need one computer per screen, network them all together and run this special program that syncronizes them all: WidevieW

Useful web sites for simulators