Chapter 9 Main Gear and Landing Brake

We think it would be best to show how we approached these two subjects in separate pages.

Main Gear has been moved to Chapter 21b -Infinity Aerospace retractable main gear.

Landing Brake

The landing brake was fun. It's sort of the first real airplane part you get to make and if you use Wayne Lanza's electric actuator kit you get to watch it whirrrrrrr up and down... I know, simple minds are so easy to amuse.

We agree with several people we have talked to about the hinge, while it is probably plenty strong we wished we had made it wider. I am sure if you asked the right people they'd tell you that if you expect any cooling at all while the brake is down that you are better off with the plans hinge arrangement.

We also wished we had molded ribs radiating out from the hinge to strengthen the brake as I have seen a few on the web on Long-Eze's that have folded.

I think our only changes are adding the electric actuator, a layer of Kevlar up the seatback in case we pancake it with the gear up to prevent the actuator punching through the seatback. And finally a fully enclosed and sealed housing for the actuator with a removable service cover. Hopefully draft free.