Chapter 21b 
Infinity Aerospace Gear Installation

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Next to "Alternative Engines" there is no other subject that stimulates as much heated debate as Retractable Main Gear.

Lets look at how we first arrived at our choice. 

Once we were certain we were going to build a canard but still did not know that much about them, we were lamenting about how the coolest looking genre of planes around was handicapped with fixed main gear.

The choices were several variations on a theme using glass struts pivoting from the fuselage or oleo struts pivoting from the spar. Our issue with the fuselage mounted ones was no matter how they did it they had a gaping hole somewhere in the side of the fuselage (drag and noise) and you gave up rear seat space in the process. Some had such a narrow footprint we were concerned about it turning over like a three legged milk stool if we were to inadvertently take a turnoff too hard. 

So we settled on Infinity Aerospace Retractable Oleo Strut Main Gear ...come on JD, can't you find an acronym or something?
So oh lets see, we paid our deposit and started waiting..
Lets just say it was a long wait, but just about when it was going to be a royal pain if we did not have the gear they arrived, oh wait, Fedex lost them, the second set arrived. We were all prepped and ready per the installation manual and they went right in... sort of, after cutting big holes in the bottom of our strakes -eeeeek! You know, it was hard enough watching them doing the retrofit on Bill Theeringer's long-Eze, very scary on our own strakes.

All said and done, the installation is not difficult, it is probably simpler for the initial parts, the hard part is routing hydraulics and figuring out gear doors that completely cover the retracted gear.

On with the show:
1 Spar preparation
2 Mounting the gear
3 Strake modifications specific to the landing gear
4 Routing the hydraulics
5 Gear doors

There is a lot going on here so we decided to brake this down into four chapters:

Chapter 21a  Your Own Strakes Kit -this is a huge time saver.
Chapter 21b   Infinity Gear Installation 
Chapter 21c   Cozy Girrrl Strakes
TM Mod -what we did, how we did it.
Chapter 21d   Fuel System -fuel for the fuel injected engine plus center sump.