Chapter 21
Cozy Girrrl Strakes TM Mod 
-what we did, how we did it.

The VERY first thing we did while the spar is curing in place and it is perfectly level as well as the fuselage is to mark the 17.4" waterline on the front of the spar and clear down both sides of the fuselage inside and out with a fine line Sharpie. We then checked this at the end of the spars with a water level. If you do nothing else we suggest this is the most important thing you can do as long as you can keep the plane level and read a digital level.

While the wings were still hanging on the spar we glassed a piece of 3/8" urethane foam with 2 plies of BID on both sides big enough to make two end ribs (new part). These were bonded to the forward face of the ends of the spar with .100" spacers keeping them off the wing inner forward ribs. Once cured the outline of the wing rib was traced directly on to them and the wings removed. the intersection of the new end ribs to the spar were glassed with BID tapes. Using a level the 17.4" waterline was added to both sides of the end ribs. Using the R57 strake rib outline drawing it was determined where the backside of the leading edge bulkhead, TLE would be and this was marked on the end rib inside.

We mounted the Infinity Aerospace retracts, see the chapter link below.


There is a lot going on here so we decided to brake this down into four chapters:

Chapter 21a  Your Own Strakes Kit -this is a huge time saver.
Chapter 21b   Infinity Gear Installation 
Chapter 21c   Cozy Girrrl Strakes
TM Mod -what we did, how we did it.
Chapter 21d   Fuel System -fuel for the fuel injected engine plus center sump.